Book Review | The Infinite by Nicholas Mainieri

infinite mainieriIn New Orleans, a few years after Hurricane Katrina, high schoolers Jonah and Luz are in love. Each with a troubled past, having dealt with parental deaths and other difficult events, Luz and Jonah continue to struggle when they become pregnant and Luz’s father demands she return to Mexico. Jonah decides he must follow her across the border, but all bets are off when Luz doesn’t show up at her Grandma’s on time.

The Infinite is Mainieri’s first novel. It maintains a casual tone, using colloquialisms and interjecting Spanish. The text is clear, with the storyline being mostly easy to follow. Chapters are very short, making the book easy to pick up and put down. The characters are developed enough, and descriptions allow the reader to envision settings described. While violence occurs, it is not overly graphic or drawn out. This novel would work well for somewhat hesitant high school or college age readers, or others with short attention spans. Mainieri has crafted a very digestible read that keeps up a decent pace throughout. Check it out from a library near you!

I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to the author/publisher for participating in the giveaway.

*If you’ve enjoyed reading The Infinite, you may be interested in Mexico by Josh Barkan (2017). 


Book Review | Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

attachments book coverIn this romantic drama/comedy Beth and Lincoln work together at the newspaper office, but have never actually met. Working in IT security, Lincoln’s job is to screen flagged e-mails. Most days Beth and her best friend Jennifer’s storm of back and forth messages rings the bell. Instead of giving the women warnings, Lincoln decides to let them continue and read their daily banter. In this fashion, he falls for Beth and learns that she is attracted to him, but has no idea who he is.

I wanted to check out Landline, but since it wasn’t available I picked up this Attachments instead. This book is a light read, fluffy is the word that comes to mind. The story was fairly entertaining, but it seemed like something was missing. The supporting characters are pretty flat and though they apparently experience emotions, I didn’t experience any as a reader. I was expecting more from an author who has received so much critical acclaim – maybe this book was just too early in her repertoire. This book could be entertaining for someone who has a secret crush on a coworker or those who enjoy light, fun reads without much substance. Check it out from a library near you.