Film Review | Demolition starring Jake Gyllenhaal

indexOpening with a sudden car crash in which his wife loses her life, Demolition follows protagonist Davis (Gyllenhaal) as he transforms from a traditional member of society into a more free thinking version of himself. His father-in-law and boss (Cooper) asks him to take time away from his financial industry job after several out of character incidents at the office. Davis develops a correspondence with a customer service worker (Watts) and eventually meets up with her. The film follows as their relationship develops.
I found this film to be constantly engaging and fresh. The perspective explored seemed to be a theme that people are often unwilling to talk about or recognize: not everyone views success or happiness in the same light and fitting in is not always the most important thing. The acting and dialogue were realistic despite some destruction scenes that may have been a bit much. I’d recommend this film to those content bucking the mainstream, fans of Gyllenhaal and those looking for a good movie without too much drama. Check it out from a library near you!


Film Review | Prisoners directed by Denis Villeneuve

prisoners dvd coverJumping right in to a birthday or holiday meal, two friendly neighbor families get together for a celebration which spirals into a nightmare when both of their younger daughters go missing. Prisoners takes us along on the hunt for their kidnapper with Detective Gyllenhaal and shows the whirlwind of grief their parents and siblings suffer through as Jackman takes the law into his own hands. With leads in several different directions, this thriller will keep you rapt until all the clues are finally pieced together.

This is certainly not the movie for you to check out if you are looking for laughs, smiles or a happy ending, but if you are looking for a solid thriller with a hint of torture, this is it. Jackman and Gyllenhaal share the lead and do an excellent job with their characters. The tension in this film is taught – I’d call it a nail-biter, or cuticle-picker. The story twists and turns a few times and the connections are hinted at, but not given away – a psychological thriller that gets you trying to figure out who the real criminal is. Check out Prisoners from your local library if you can handle the wait list, otherwise check the local Red Box.