Book Review | Sourdough by Robin Sloan

sourdough coverLois Clary relocated from the midwest to San Francisco for a job at a tech company. For long hours, she writes code that will tell robotic arms how to work. Her lonely existence becomes more exciting after regular neighborhood food delivery brothers move away, leaving her with their precious sourdough starter. Lois builds a backyard oven and attempts mastery of the sourdough, getting herself involved in an underground farmer’s market along the way.

Though not as adventurous as Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour BookstoreSourdough is a quick and fun read. Sloan’s third tale is entertaining from the start and moves along at a decent pace. Protagonist Lois develops throughout the book as she interacts with a host of eccentric characters. Looking back, the plot seems slightly convoluted, but it works as you are reading. This novel is recommended for fans of the slightly surreal, those looking to kill time on a long plane trip, or fans of Sloan’s previous works. Beware of holds on this new release and check it out from a library near you.

*Fans of Sourdough, may be interested in Taduno’s Song by Odafe Atogun (2017).


Pictorials | Otavalo, Imbabura, Ecuador – market month photo 30


Tub of berries and Imperfect corn. 2015. Otavalo, Imbabura, Ecuador.

Pictorials | Happy Birthday Mom! market month photo 27


Heart Shaped Tomato. 2013. Bar Harbor, Maine, USA.

Pictorials | Saquisilí, Cotopaxi, Ecuador – market month photo 21


Mercado Plaza Gran Colombia. 2015. Saquisilí, Cotopaxi, Ecuador.

Pictorials | Otavalo, Imbabura, Ecuador – market month photo 19


Giant green onions. 2015. Otavalo, Imbabura, Ecuador.

Pictorials | Riga, Latvia – market month photo 18


Rīgas Centrāltirgus / Riga Central Market, Europe’s largest. 2014. Riga, Latvia.

Pictorials | Manhattan, Kansas, USA – market month photo 14


Giant Asparagus, Cico Park. 2016. Manhattan, Kansas, USA.