Exhibition | Wisconsin Triennial 2016 at Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Several weeks ago, after attending the last outdoor Farmers’ Market on the capitol square, I ventured into MMoCA and was pleasantly surprised by the Wisconsin Triennial exhibit. Featuring only local state artist, it opened on September 23 and will be on display through January 8, 2017.┬áThe exhibit aims to give an idea of the diverse types of art that are being created within Wisconsin. Below are a selection of photos from the exhibit, which I hope motivate you to go and see this free exhibit!


Fern Stations : On Invisibility by Meg Mitchell

Beads, Birds and Bombs series by John Hitchcock


Selections from the project Transmission Networks by Brendan Baylor

Selections from Remnants series by Amy Fichter


Blue Little Red Barn by Michael Kautzer


Pictorials | photo 005 super food bowl for dinner

yesterday i was very fortunate to be the dinner guest of a lovely friend of mine. she prepared this ultra tasty super food bowl with quinoa, kale, black beans, sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, sprouts and avocado. talk about healthy! yum, yum, yum!


Pictorials | photo 004 Saturday flower walk in five images

these five photos will take you on a quick flower walk for this fine Saturday morning.          

Pictorials | Happy Birthday Mom! market month photo 27


Heart Shaped Tomato. 2013. Bar Harbor, Maine, USA.

Pictorials | Photo 004 – The Art of Sidewalk Chalk

today while out walking i observed this string of chalk drawings along the walking path. obviously, sidewalk chalk drawings are an art form, something to make you smile as you walk by. Why then is graffiti considered so outlandish? 


Pictorials | San Francisco, California, USA – market month photo 25


Wharf crab cleaning. 2015. San Francisco, California, USA.

Pictorials | Photo 003: maple whirligigs


maple seeds. they’re heavy and sticky when they melt. they copter down, hence the whirligig name. a craft in grade school. something people try to prevent from growing. 2016.