Officially Unfixable: FedEx Delivery Manager claims my house (residence) is a business (commercial)

img_5681After multiple phone calls and several hours of wasted time, and a large handful of unhelpful FedEx representatives, I have been told that there really is no solution to my problem. This was months after the first time I had contacted them to try and resolve my problem.

Sarah, a supervisor in the Tech Support department was able to calmly explain to me that many FedEx services are outsourced, sometimes to entities like the United States Postal Service. This is where my problem lays.

PROBLEM: When I try to update my delivery address in my FedEx Delivery Manager to my current home address, the system claims that my address is a business or commercial address and will not let me update it. 

As many of the reps told me, their system simply pulls information from the United States Postal Service, and it was the Post Office who was telling them that my home (built in 1918 and always a residence, never a business) was in fact, a business. They sent me to the Post Office saying there was nothing FedEx could do. Even after I told them I had been to the Post Office, that a USPS supervisor had looked into it and assured me that my address in their system was and had always been listed as a residence, FedEx continued to tell me to talk to the Post Office.

When I persisted, they tried to get rid of me. Several of the reps I spoke with said that they were escalating my case. Each time they gave me a new case number and the possible hope of a solution. They claimed I would hear back, but when the allotted 14 days had passed, I had heard nothing and still had the exact same problem in the Delivery Manager system. Each time this resulted in me following up and again having my case escalated, apparently to nowhere, with no resolution.

The Exact Error Message: The address you provided is a commercial or business address. These services are for residential addresses only. Please provide a residential address and try again.

After talking with FedEx employees Valerie, Emma, Hannah, Sarah and others, it is very clear that there is no solution. Sarah’s last ditch advice was to go back to USPS and ask them to make my residence commercial in their system and then change it back again to residential. She thought maybe this flipping the switch so to speak might be the only possible solution. Just in case you are having this problem, you know now to stop wasting your time trying to fix something that just cannot be done. If you’ve experienced this, or other similar issues with FedEx, you’ll likely realize that the only real fix is just to stop using FedEx…


About amy de simone
Amy is an active volunteer, traveler and photographer. She is interested in art, libraries, museums and nonprofits. She holds an M.A. in Library & Information Studies and a B.A. in Italian Language & Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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