Food Review | Cavan – Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA

Cavan First Floor Dining Area & Bar

Cavan First Floor Dining Area & Bar

About two months ago, Cavan opened it’s doors and front patio at 3607 Magazine Street. They are open for dinner nightly beginning at 4pm and offer a weeknight happy hour with specials from 4-6pm. Reservations are accepted for the first floor dining room in this restored 1881 mansion while walk-ins are accommodated on the second floor and patio areas. A history of the building, the “Cockerton House on the Historic Landmarks Commission’s register of national historic places,” is offered on the back of the menu, pictured below. Cavan is a member of the LeBlanc + Smith collection of restaurants.


Each table receives a small serving of seasoned oyster crackers to accompany the drinks. We gobbled these up, quite tasty. Due to my onion allergy, ordering was slightly restricted, so we only tried two starters: Gulf Tuna Carpaccio and Old Bay Fries with Malt Aioli. The tuna was fabulous, obviously fresh and packed with flavor that shined through the avocado, cucumber, cracked pepper and soy sauce. The portion was generous, but I could have easily eaten two plates of this. The fries were a very thin style of waffle fry, seasoned with a spice mixture. The texture was just right, slightly crisp on the outside and warm and soft inside. The seasoning wasn’t entirely even, as would be expected, so I forfeited the more heavily seasoned fries to my accomplice and we both enjoyed the aioli.

The two dinners we ordered were the Butter-Baked Gulf Shrimp and the Half Roasted Chicken. The shrimp were perfectly cooked, save for one that was charred. They had great flavor and texture, again obviously fresh. The beer, rosemary and lemon sauce was very flavorful, good for dunking the bread hunks. Had I not eaten half of the chicken portion with my shrimp, I may have been left pretty hungry, but … The chicken was also spot on. It was tender and flavorful. The white meat portion seemed very generous and I enjoyed dipping it in my shrimp sauce. My partner enjoyed the dark meat, commenting on it’s juiciness, but added that the pesto sauce wasn’t particularly noteworthy. The salad was large and fresh (again), a great addition to the meal.

Since we couldn’t fill up on starters, we got two desserts: Key Lime Pie and the Daily Layer Cake, today’s was a blue velvet. The pie was very tart, just how I like it, with a good consistency. Again, I could have eaten two of these. The color of the cake was somewhat off-putting, but the flavor was great. I felt it was a little more gooey than ideal, but my partner had no qualms.

Overall, we had an excellent experience at Cavan and would certainly recommend it to others.

At the time I dined, the Cavan menu looked like this:

For more information about the Chefs at Cavan, check out this article from There is a discrepancy between what that article says and what was listed on the menu at the time I visited. This Eater article talks a little bit about the restaurant’s opening in February.


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