Homemade Chilled Beet Soup (Borscht) like I ate in Lithuania

Last fall when I was in Eastern Europe I had an excellent borscht (šaltibarščiai) at Senoji Trobele in Vilnius, Lithuania. This restaurant is ranked 7th in the city on Trip Advisor and many reviewers rave about the chilled beet soup. I tried it, was impressed, and like many other foods that I sampled during my travels, missed it when I was back stateside.

Senoji Trobele's Chilled Beet Soup

Senoji Trobele’s Chilled Beet Soup <šaltibarščiai>

With this craving, I began googling. I found a recipe on Food Network’s website for Summer Borscht by Ina Garten from Barefoot Contessa that sounded like what I was looking for.

I made a few minor tweaks and used the following ingredients: fresh beets, salt, low sodium chicken broth, natural sour cream, vanilla yogurt, sugar, lemon juice, pickling vinegar, black pepper, English cucumber and fresh dill. I also wanted a puréed soup, so I batch blended the ingredients at the end.

The hardest part of this process was finding enough fresh beets at the grocery store to have two full pounds of beets after removing all but the inner fresh cooked beet. The preparation was straightforward and simple and the recipe made enough for two to enjoy several meals. The soup I ate in Vilnius was served with crisp warm potato slices, but I substituted fried plantains (tostones). They were great for dipping in the cold soup and provided a nice contrast of temperature and texture.

My homemade chilled beet soup (borscht)

My homemade chilled beet soup (borscht)

The soup was a major hit with all four people who ate it. I would make this recipe again for sure. Happy Cooking!


About amy de simone
Amy is an active volunteer, traveler and photographer. She is interested in art, libraries, museums and nonprofits. She holds an M.A. in Library & Information Studies and a B.A. in Italian Language & Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

One Response to Homemade Chilled Beet Soup (Borscht) like I ate in Lithuania

  1. Carol D says:

    Looks fabulous. Off to the farmer’s market! Can’t wait to try it.

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