Food Review | (The New) Hibachi Hut – Manhattan, KS

This post contains the current full Hibachi Hut menu and reviews several menu items and the restaurant in general. At the end of February Hibachi Hut opened their new downtown location at 429 Poyntz Avenue.

HH bar hibachi hut appetizer menuPreviously, Hibachi Hut was located in Aggieville. This Collegian article explains the closing of the old location and how the new restaurant came into being. Throughout the transition process, Hibachi Hut’s Facebook and Twitter pages have been the go to sources for information about the restaurant. Now that the restaurant is open, they are serving lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday.

Pictured left, the appetizer menu offers choices for both carnivores and vegetarians. We ordered the Tiger Wings and Crab Cakes, pictured below with the Abita Amber Cheese Soup (daily special). The wings were good, sweet and spicy, and came with celery sticks. The crab cakes were larger than expected and fresh tasting, but could have been a bit crisper on the outside. I enjoyed the remoulade that accompanied them, but my partner found it a bit garlicky. The beer cheese soup was served with corn bread. The cornbread was phenomenal, better than some I had last week in Charleston. It came with what tasted like a honey butter and that was just tasty. The soup was a bit thick, but this is not a regular menu item.

Tiger Wings, Crab Cakes & Abita Amber Cheese Soup Hibachi Hut soup and salad menu

Appetizers above, Salads & Soups below

To get some greens I ordered a House Salad from the Salads & Soups menu, pictured right. The salad was excellent – fresh lettuce, plump and juicy cherry tomatoes, small toasted bread croutons, big cucumbers – I left off the black-eyed pea relish… I enjoyed the salad a lot, I just wish there had been more of it as it was a very small side salad.  I’d be very interested to find out what the other daily special soups are.
Hibachi Hut Po' Boys and Bombs Sandwich menuFrom the Po’ Boy and Bomb sandwich menu, pictured left, we ordered a Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy (photo below). To my surprise, the sandwich had popcorn shrimp instead of the full size sea creatures I had imagined. This worked really well and made the sandwich much more manageable. The flavoring was good, I just wish the bread had been a bit crisper. The tater tots that came with it were spot on, nice and crispy. I also enjoyed the hushpuppies, though perfectly cooked on the outside, they were slightly dry in the middle. That concludes our food review. With what we ordered above, there was no room left for an entrée (menu below) or a dessert: the famous bread pudding nor the chocolate lava cake. Hibachi Hut Fried Shrimp Po' Boy

All in all we quite enjoyed our trip to Hibachi Hut. Being new to Manhattan, we hadn’t been to the previous version and this was a pleasant surprise. We felt welcomed from entry to exit. The staff was friendly and conscientious and it was clear that everyone wanted the diners to be happy customers. HH entrees

Above is the Entrée menu. If you see something you like, you should catch it while you can since I’ve been told that they plan to change up the menu in about a month or so. Maybe they’ll also expand the dessert menu!


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