Film Review | The Wolf of Wall Street by Martin Scorsese

the wolf of wall street movie posterIn just about every regard, this film was more than I had bargained for – more profanity, more absurdity, more drugs, more nudity, more small tangents from the plot line, and more laughing. It was however, a bit less satisfying than I’d hoped and I wished there had been a countdown timer in the bottom corner of the screen since this is a 3 hour job. If cursing, hookers or drug use offends you, do not see this film. If you are into all three of those, can handle the wildly absurd and like Leonardo DiCaprio you will probably enjoy this film very much.

The Wolf of Wall Street tells the story of a motivated young man who goes to Wall Street to make it big. He gets the lowest job in the stock market and with aims of getting rich works his way up to owning his own trading firm full of like minded brokers. Along the way he learns tricks that aren’t quite legal to harvest the most from his investors’ money, which allows him a yacht, a mansion, a helicopter, lavish parties, call girls and many other things associated with high life in the 1980’s. As sometimes happens when illegalities occur on Wall Street, he becomes the subject of a federal investigation. This movie is based on the actual life events of stockbroker Jordan Belfort. The film was released in the US on December 25, 2013 and may still be playing at a theater near you.


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Amy is an active volunteer, traveler and photographer. She is interested in art, libraries, museums and nonprofits. She holds an M.A. in Library & Information Studies and a B.A. in Italian Language & Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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