Book Review | Alice in tumblr-Land : and other fairy tales for a new generation

book cover Alice in tumblr-Land : and other fairy tales for a new generationAuthor Tim Manley writes fairy tales for 20-somethings. The audience of this book should be at the very bottom of that age range, or perhaps teens who enjoy generous profanity and colloquialisms. Alice in tumblr-Land is billed as humor, but I could count the number of times I laughed on my fingers. While that may seem good enough, the truth is every other page of this 265 page book is really its own two to three line story. The book could be compared to reading tumblr or Facebook and I’d say it’s misleading to call this a book of fairy tales simply because it involves fairy tale characters. Creativity is here, there are some great drawings (book is fully illustrated), and Manley does incorporate some actual issues for generation now. Peter Pan is a social media addict who validates himself by blogging. Sleeping Beauty is depressed and prefers streaming shows to leaving her apartment. Alice questions her identity and reality. Puss in Boots opens an Etsy shop. Mulan becomes transgender. This book would be good for an airplane ride or a car trip for an audience ok with swear words and sexual innuendoes. See which library near you might have this new book.


About amy de simone
Amy is an active volunteer, traveler and photographer. She is interested in art, libraries, museums and nonprofits. She holds an M.A. in Library & Information Studies and a B.A. in Italian Language & Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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