Film Review | Dead Man Down, Parker & Redemption

I find it interesting that a movie with an IMDb viewer rating of 6.5/10 is listed as being in their top 500 right now. Here I refer to Dead Man Down. That said, I’ve been fairly disappointed with recent action/suspense crime films that I’ve seen including Jason Statham’s Redemption (6.2) and Parker (6.1), though I did enjoy my introduction to Mr. Statham. I can’t review Killing Seaon here because I stopped watching it within the first half hour on account of overly gory flesh violence. I’d offer that Redemption was the most worthwhile, in that at least it poses a unique story and some interesting characters. Both other movies were just average; the acting, the storyline, the character interactions, the cinematography, everything. I’ll offer a brief summary of the plots below.

Dead Man Down: Colin Farrell plays a Hungarian hit-man who works for Terrence Howard. Farrell hides his real identity from Howard and actually has a major grudge against him as he is responsible the death of Farrell’s wife and daughter. After a neighbor (Rapace) witnesses Farrell kill a man, she blackmails him with a recording of it to manipulate him for her own means. She’s the beautiful woman, damaged irreparably in a car accident with a drunk driver. A relationship ensues between Rapace & Farrell while they begin to enact a scheme of revenge.

Parker: Statham is involved in holding up the Ohio County Fair. When the other robbers agree to front the money for another job, they leave him for dead on the side of the road instead of letting him leave with his cut. Good Samaritan yocals retrieve his body and save his life. Statham wants his money back and embarks on a plan to recover it. In Florida he meets real estate agent Jennifer Lopez who, in addition to falling for him, becomes a type of accomplice. They figure out the plan for the major heist and attempt to beat the robbers at their own game.

Redemption: Military special forces veteran Statham is down and out on the streets London. His female friend is taken and in fleeing he happens on the apartment of a well-to-do (actor/artist type) guy who is out of the country for a few months. He takes up residence and assumes the man’s identity. As he straightens his life out, backing away from the alcohol and drugs while suffering bouts of PTSD, he gains employment as the tough-guy for the Chinese mob and strikes up a (somewhat awkward) relationship with the nun who ran the soup kitchen he used to frequent. He tries to track down who took his female friend and keep out of reach of men who are after him. Check out Redemption at a library near you and skip the first two.


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Amy is an active volunteer, traveler and photographer. She is interested in art, libraries, museums and nonprofits. She holds an M.A. in Library & Information Studies and a B.A. in Italian Language & Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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