Pew Center Climate Change Report

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change works through the collaboration of business leaders, policy makers, scientists, and other experts in order to approach the complex and often controversial issue of climate change. This is based on sound science, straight talk, and the belief that working together they can simultaneously protect the climate while sustaining economic growth. They are known for analyzing climate issues, working to inform policy makers, educating key audiences, and engaging the business community in the search for solutions.

A few months ago, the Pew Center released “Climate Change Adaptation: What Federal Agencies are Doing.” This report focuses on the efforts and programs of federal agencies addressing climate change. It is aimed at facilitating “communication and collaboration across federal agencies as well as with numerous non-federal stakeholders focused on domestic adaptation policy” (Pew).

For further reading on climate change issues, visit the Water Library’s recommended reading lists, split into categories including Economies and Society, Policy, Great Lakes, and Water.

Pew Logo from Pew website.


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